About Me

Hello, I’m Samy.

SamyTrip is a travel blog for sharing travel experiences. I believe that happiness multiplies when you share them.


I love to travel, nothing excites me more than creating unique contents on my incredible travel memories, writing about the places I have visited and food I have ever had. I love nature, a healthy life, good food and being together with great people. I love sunshine and waves.

Glad that you are here. My goal is to deliver you really cool impressions of my trip and get you to really experience the beauty of a places.

My Motto

Love, Joy and Knowledge

Together we’ll visit places through my travel stories, you get to know local cultures, local food, local lifestyles.

You get to know yourself and your limits. You’ll experience the infinite possibilities, you’ll meet an incredible number of great people and you learn from traveling.

Meet villagers in Thailand’s old town, drinkers in Moscow’s street. Sail the Mekong River. Discover the best Tapas in Barcelona. Ready to start your trip?